DeepSec 2021 — Call for Papers is open

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2 min readMar 1, 2021


DeepSec 2021 is looking for your ideas, solutions, incident reports, insights, and expertise. The call for papers is open. You can submit your contribution via our call for papers manager online. If you have questions or want to submit additional material, please use the online form and send an email to us.

DeepSec has always presented a mix of attack and defence presentations. The motto for 2021 connects both approaches. Studying how adversaries work, what tools they employ, how they plan their attack, and what they do once they get access is vital to your defence. IT infrastructure has grown over the years. Defence has a lot to take care of. If you have any ideas how to help the defenders, please let us know. Topics covering attacks should always contain some advice on how to counter the vulnerability or attach technique.

We are especially interested in all things hardware. The reason is the wonderful world of IoT and embedded devices. Contrary to popular opinion you can implement security on small devices. Developers just need your help. If you have helpful advice for software development, choice or configuration of hardware platforms, or testing strategies, please consider submitting a presentation.

Trainings are in high demand. We are looking for two-days trainings. If you have a course with exercises ready, then please let us know. Topics can be anything that is connected to information security — development, (penetration) testing, incident response, hardware, networking, computing, attacks, defence, intelligence gathering, etc. Submission of trainings should be done via online form as well. Send us additional material via email, especially the course description and the outline of the content.

We hope to hear from you soon!

Originally published at on March 1, 2021.