DeepSec2020 Talk: The Art Of The Breach — Robert Sell

DeepSec Conference
3 min readSep 16, 2020

The Art of the Breach is designed to be a journey for anyone interested in physical security. Robert takes the audience on a trip from the public sidewalk outside a target organization all the way through to the executive filing cabinet in the President’s office.

While many physical security talks focus strictly on the information security aspect of breaching, Robert will combine this with techniques used by first responders to enter a building. While social engineering and lock picking will be discussed, Robert will also outline the third option of forced entry.

During this adventure, Robert discusses everything from successful reconnaissance to ensuring an easy exit afterwards.

Robert spends time at each step to go over the various options for moving forward. Some of these options are easy and straightforward while others require preparations and planning. Since every business is different, Robert brings in many different options a physical penetration tester might face. This includes steel doors, cameras, armed guards and aware employees.

If you want to up your game on physical security or at the very least bring back some ideas for improving your company’s defenses, this talk is for you.

We asked Robert a few more questions about his talk.

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  • Takes you from sidewalk to inside a filing…