Press Release: Intensive Courses for crisis-proof Digitisation taking place in Vienna

DeepSec Conference
6 min readAug 28, 2020

DeepSec security conference focuses thematically in depth on critical dangers for IT.

As is well known, the digital world never sleeps. The last few months have shown that society and the economy are more dependent than ever on globally networked technology. The worldwide spread of SARS-CoV-2 has given telecommunications an enormous boost. The home office, already known before, teleconferencing systems and internet applications had to stand in for physical meetings and enable the exchange of information. As the use of these technologies increased sharply, security problems were of course discovered. Zoom is a prominent example. However, only the tip of the iceberg was analysed. Many vulnerabilities are still waiting to be discovered around the world. Anyone who demands more digitisation is actually talking about information security. Precisely for this reason, the DeepSec Security Conference in November would like to deal with this topic in Vienna as usual, as an on-site event, with health protection measures. The preliminary program of the conference has been published and offers exciting topics.

Digital Foundations have to bear the brunt

Due to the measures taken against the spread of COVID-19, telecommunications had an important task. It had to support business processes where meetings previously took place in physical space. This has also led to discussions about information security, because companies and people have secrets. Before the pandemic, for example, hardly anyone had discussed encrypted group video conferences. Group conversations are technically demanding because multiple endpoints need to be connected securely and in real time. The compulsion to use online services has led to a critical questioning of the technologies used. In terms of security, one looks in vain for progress if modern infrastructure can not replace the security of a closed room in virtual conversations. Meeting points and meeting rooms in the real world have a long tradition — and, if necessary, correspondingly sophisticated security concepts. This is still uncharted territory on the internet. The discussions held in the first half of the year about security due to forced use increased awareness of unsafe solutions in…

DeepSec Conference

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