ROOTS 2017, DeepSec, and DeepINTEL Call for Papers are still open

DeepSec Conference
2 min readJun 26, 2017


Our wonderful world of technology is full of surprises, bugs, intentional weaknesses, adversaries, defenders, vendors, and users. Some software just got more lines of code instead of a decent audit or refactoring. Everything is turning smart, but no one knows what smart really means. Big Data is all the fashion, Big Knowledge still isn’t. So there is ample opportunity for security research. And we haven’t mentioned recent weaknesses such as Stack Clash or broken hyperthreading yet.

Strategy hasn’t evolved much either. Most high profile attacks seem to contain a lot of cyber, originating from Russia, USA, Israel, North Korea, or China. The context matters, as do the agendas of all parties involved. A thorough and careful analysis can shape the digital defence of your future. This is why we like to discuss methods, incidents, and the role of intelligence in information security.

And then there is the scientific method. Sadly not all of security research is really research. Science is hard if you want to get it right. Full disclosure and defending your claims against certain vendors is one way of ensuring your findings are correct. Past DeepSec conferences featured presentations based on scientific publications. We like to foster proper information security research. This is why the 1st Reversing and Offensive-oriented Trends Symposium 2017 (ROOTS) will be co-hosted with DeepSec 2017.

If you have some research or content you wish to present before an international audience, then let us know by using the following Call for Papers form.

And remember; the motto for 2017 is Science First!

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